Contract Year Is Upon Us at Raytheon

We understand our website has seemed dormant for some time now, we are still here and plan to once again get ready for contract talks with Raytheon. As usual we plan to keep our members and represented informed of day to day updates during the negotiations process.

You may want to take steps to get involved in this process and we welcome that. 

Our membership has elected officials to represent our union in the negotiations process and those positions are taken but we encourage everyone to get involved. Please contact your union steward or the Union Hall to get involved if you wish to do any volunteering to prepare for union meetings, mail flyers/newsletters and or just learn more about our great organization and its benefits. There are many different committees that will be formed prior to the talks so now is the time to help better us as an organization and better our community by  volunteering.

Stay tuned and check this site often for rallies, contract meetings for the membership and other events we may have in the coming months leading up to negotiations.