2018 Day 4 Raytheon Negotiations

On Thursday September 27, 2018:

From the Table

Bargaining continued with the company on non-economic Articles of the contract. We had major debates on clarifying Articles and Sections proposed from the company. The company passed some surprising proposals that would affect our grievance procedure, directed OT, leave of absence and contract length.

The company proposed termination after being on a leave of absence for 6 months regardless of the reason, instead of the current 24 months. The company also proposed a 5-year agreement with no solid worth behind it at this point. In the afternoon we had debates on engineering performing our work. This is going to be an issue among other proposals throughout this round of bargaining and we expressed our concerns to preserve and protect our work! We are diligently working to protect your current contract language.

Justice Delayed is Just-Us-Denied!

Thank You,

Your Negotiating Committee