2018 Day 5 Raytheon Negotiations

2018 Contract Negotiations

Sisters and Brothers, the company stalling was the theme of the day. We were waiting for the company to come to the table with counter proposals. We know that we have a huge undertaking ahead of us with the economic proposals.

We are ready! We have drafted language in the non-economic proposals that are geared to fix a lot of areas of concern. The company knows that we are serious about keeping salary employees from our work. 

After waiting all day, finally at 2:30 pm the company called us with a counter proposal on Article XII. The company’s position was they were all about expediting the grievance process; however, their proposal extended the ‘step two’ time limits. The company proposed minor changes, just for the sake of Dilly-Dallying. Your committee told them, this stall tactic will not be accepted. 

Today’s events prove how true our 2018 Negotiation Slogan is.

Justice Delayed is Just-us Denied!

Thank you,  

Your Negotiating Committee