2018 Day 7 Raytheon Negotiations

October 2, 2018:

From the table

Hello, Brothers and Sisters, today started off slow, we had several discussions concerning the CEP program. We did meet with the company where they passed their counter to Article VI CEP.  They did propose to continue the partnership in CEP, but their proposal said otherwise.

 We tried to make heads or tails of their proposal but couldn’t.  We called the company back to the table, where we fielded additional questions to better understand their position. We explained to the company that our members need a program that will help enhance their careers. We feel this program is vital to the company and the union for filling the bench and educating our membership for promotions while building their seniority in the bargaining unit. We finally countered the company on Article VI late in the afternoon.  We will see what tomorrow brings, stay tuned there will be more to come.    

Justice delayed is Just-Us-Denied


Your Negotiating Committee