2018 Day 14 Raytheon Negotiations

From the Table

2018 Contract Negotiations

Sisters and Brothers,

Today we were notified by the company, their proposal on the PMO Trainer would be better suited as an occupation and the company would present their proposal tomorrow. 

The company informed us,

they have completed counter-proposals on Articles V and XVI. We continued working our counter-proposals on Articles VI (CEP), III (Hours of Work), X (Safety), IX (Leave of Absence), XI (Union Representation) and the PPM Inspection Letter. We are prepared to present these articles tomorrow. Stay Tuned, Stay Strong and United!

See you at this Sunday’s regular Membership meeting at 11 am!!

Countdown: 6 work days to Oct. 21, 2018 – Ratification Vote at the TCC, Music Hall, Doors open at 8 AM, Meeting Starts at 10 AM

Justice delayed is Just-Us-Denied

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee